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Best DNS

In 2024, finding the best DNS provider is essential for a seamless online experience. With the increasing reliance on the internet, having a reliable DNS server is crucial for fast and secure browsing. Whether you’re an individual or a business, choosing the right DNS service can greatly impact your internet performance and security. Public DNS options like Cloudflare, Google Public DNS, and Comodo Secure DNS have gained popularity for their impressive features and performance.

Key Takeaways: Best DNS

  • Choosing the right DNS service is essential for optimal browsing performance.
  • Public DNS providers like Cloudflare, Google Public DNS, and Comodo Secure DNS offer fast and secure services.
  • 2024 brings new advancements and improvements in DNS technology.
  • Consider factors such as speed, security, and customizable DNS settings when selecting a provider.
  • Understanding DNS settings and their impact on your browsing experience is crucial in maximizing performance.

Google Public DNS

When it comes to speed, reliability, and security, Google Public DNS is a top contender in the DNS provider space. This DNS service is widely recognized for its exceptional performance, ensuring fast browsing speeds for users.

One of the key features that sets Google Public DNS apart is its support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), two protocols that provide an extra layer of encryption for secure communication between DNS clients and servers. By implementing these protocols, Google Public DNS enhances the privacy and confidentiality of user data.

Moreover, Google Public DNS is compatible with both IPv6 and IPv4, making it suitable for a wide range of devices and networks. This compatibility enables seamless connectivity and efficient DNS resolution across different environments.

Not only is Google Public DNS reliable and private, but it also prides itself on being transparent. Users can access detailed information about Google Public DNS’s operational infrastructure, including network configurations and performance data. This transparency fosters trust and allows users to make informed decisions about their DNS configuration.

Advantages of Google Public DNS:

  • Blazing-fast browsing speeds
  • Enhanced security with DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS
  • Support for both IPv6 and IPv4
  • Reliable and private DNS service
  • Transparent operational infrastructure

“Google Public DNS offers an exceptional browsing experience with its high-speed performance and robust security features. Its compatibility with both IPv6 and IPv4 ensures seamless connectivity, while its transparency builds trust among users.” – DNS expert

Feature Description
Speed Provides fast browsing speeds by directing users to the nearest server
Security Supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) for encrypted communication
Compatibility Works with both IPv6 and IPv4, ensuring compatibility with various devices
Reliability Delivers a reliable DNS service for consistent performance
Privacy Protects user privacy by implementing secure communication protocols
Transparency Offers insight into operational infrastructure for greater trust and understanding


Cloudflare Logo

When it comes to fast and secure DNS services, Cloudflare is a name that often stands out. With its advanced features and robust infrastructure, Cloudflare provides an exceptional browsing experience for users. Let’s explore some of the key reasons why Cloudflare is a popular choice among internet users:

Fast DNS

Cloudflare’s DNS network is designed to deliver lightning-fast response times, ensuring that websites load quickly and efficiently. By leveraging their extensive global network and optimized routing algorithms, Cloudflare reduces latency and enhances the overall browsing experience.

Anti-Phishing and Blocking Malware

Security is a top priority for Cloudflare, and they go to great lengths to protect users from phishing attacks and malware-infected websites. Their advanced security measures detect and block suspicious activities, providing a secure environment for browsing the internet.

“Cloudflare’s comprehensive anti-phishing and malware blocking capabilities set it apart from other DNS providers, giving users peace of mind while they browse the web.”

Secure Browsing with DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS

Cloudflare supports industry-standard encryption protocols, including DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), ensuring that DNS requests are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This added layer of security enhances privacy and prevents eavesdropping on DNS traffic.

Visualizing Cloudflare’s Benefits

Take a look at this comparison table to see how Cloudflare stacks up against other popular DNS providers:

DNS Provider Fast DNS Anti-Phishing Malware Blocking Secure Browsing
Cloudflare ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Google Public DNS ✔️ ✔️
Quad9 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
OpenDNS ✔️ ✔️ ✖️ ✔️

As the table clearly shows, Cloudflare stands out as a top contender in providing fast DNS, anti-phishing, blocking malware, and secure browsing features.

With Cloudflare, internet users can enjoy a safe and reliable DNS service that prioritizes speed, security, and privacy. Whether you’re browsing the web or accessing online services, Cloudflare’s DNS solutions aim to provide an optimal user experience.


OpenDNS Security

If you’re looking for a reliable DNS provider that prioritizes security and offers advanced filtering options, OpenDNS is an excellent choice. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, OpenDNS ensures a safe and tailored browsing experience for individuals and families.

Parental Controls and Content Filtering

OpenDNS stands out for its comprehensive parental controls and content filtering capabilities. By customizing your DNS settings, you can effortlessly block or redirect specific websites that may be inappropriate or harmful. Whether you’re a concerned parent or an organization aiming to maintain a safe browsing environment, OpenDNS provides you with the tools you need to control online content access.

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is a top priority for OpenDNS. Alongside its reliable DNS services, OpenDNS incorporates built-in security measures to protect users from potential threats. It actively blocks known malicious websites, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring a secure browsing experience.

Flexible Filtering Options

OpenDNS offers a wide range of filtering options to suit individual needs. Whether you want to restrict access to adult content, gambling websites, or social media platforms, OpenDNS gives you the flexibility to define your filtering preferences. By tailoring your DNS settings, you can create a safe and productive online environment.

“OpenDNS empowers users to customize their online experience by providing extensive filtering options and robust security measures. Its reliable services ensure a safe and reliable browsing experience for individuals and families.”

Key Features of OpenDNS Benefits
Parental controls and content filtering Protects children from accessing inappropriate content and creates a safer internet environment.
Built-in security measures Blocks known malicious websites, safeguarding against online threats.
Flexible filtering options Allows users to customize their browsing experience by filtering specific categories of websites.

With OpenDNS, you can enjoy a reliable DNS service that not only enhances security but also provides comprehensive filtering options for a more personalized online experience. Whether you’re a concerned parent or an organization prioritizing internet safety, OpenDNS delivers the tools and features you need.


Quad9 DNS Protection

Quad9 is a leading DNS provider that prioritizes security and protection against cyber threats. With its advanced features, Quad9 ensures a safe and secure browsing experience for users.

One of Quad9’s key strengths is its DNS threat protection, which safeguards users against accessing malicious websites. By blocking access to these harmful sites, Quad9 prevents potential malware infections and intrusions, creating a protective shield for users.

In addition to DNS threat protection, Quad9 also supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) for encrypted communication. These protocols add an extra layer of security and privacy, safeguarding DNS queries from potential eavesdropping and data manipulation.

Quad9’s commitment to security extends to its robust malware blocking capabilities. The provider implements measures to identify and block domains associated with malware and other cybersecurity threats. This proactive approach ensures that users are shielded from inadvertently accessing harmful websites and protects their devices from potential malware attacks.

With Quad9, users can enjoy a high level of security and reliability. The combination of DNS threat protection, encrypted communication, and malware blocking make Quad9 a formidable choice for those seeking a secure and trustworthy DNS service.

Comparison Table: DNS Providers

Feature Quad9 Cloudflare Google Public DNS
DNS Threat Protection
DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
DNS over TLS (DoT)
Malware Blocking

“Quad9’s DNS threat protection, encrypted communication, and malware blocking make it an excellent choice for users prioritizing security and online safety.”


CleanBrowsing Image

CleanBrowsing is a trusted DNS provider that specializes in content filtering and blocking malware. With its robust filtering capabilities, CleanBrowsing allows users to customize their browsing experience by blocking adult content and preventing access to malware-infected websites.

One of the key features of CleanBrowsing is its support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT). These encryption protocols ensure that your DNS queries are transmitted securely, protecting your privacy and preventing unauthorized access to your data.

By utilizing CleanBrowsing’s content filtering options, users can create a safe online environment for themselves and their families. Whether you want to restrict access to explicit content or safeguard against malware, CleanBrowsing provides granular control over the websites you can access.

CleanBrowsing offers different levels of filtering, including Family, Adult, and Security. This allows users to choose the level of protection that best suits their needs. The Family filter, for example, blocks adult content and provides a safe browsing experience for young children. On the other hand, the Security filter focuses on blocking malware and phishing websites, ensuring a secure online environment.

Using CleanBrowsing not only ensures a secure and reliable DNS service but also provides peace of mind knowing that your online activities are protected. With its content filtering and malware blocking capabilities, CleanBrowsing is an excellent choice for individuals and families who prioritize online safety and security.

“CleanBrowsing’s content filtering and malware blocking features provide users with a safe online environment and protect against potential threats.”

CleanBrowsing Features

Feature Description
Content Filtering Customizable filtering options for blocking adult content and malware-infected websites.
DNS over HTTPS (DoH) Securely encrypts DNS queries for enhanced privacy and protection against unauthorized access.
DNS over TLS (DoT) Provides secure communication between the DNS server and client to prevent data tampering.
Multiple Filtering Levels Choose from Family, Adult, and Security filters to suit different browsing requirements.

Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS ad-blocking

If you’re looking for a DNS provider that offers ad-blocking and secure browsing, look no further than Alternate DNS. With its exceptional features and cutting-edge technology, Alternate DNS is dedicated to providing users with a cleaner browsing experience and enhanced online security.

Ad-Blocking at Its Best

With Alternate DNS, intrusive ads become a thing of the past. This DNS provider blocks ads before they even reach your network, ensuring a seamless and ad-free browsing experience. Say goodbye to pop-ups, banners, and other annoying advertisements that disrupt your online activities.

Secure Browsing with DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS

Alternate DNS goes above and beyond when it comes to security. It supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), ensuring encrypted communication and protecting your data from potential threats. Whether you’re accessing sensitive information or simply browsing the web, you can trust that your connection is secure and your privacy is preserved.

Alternate DNS understands the importance of fast and reliable DNS services. By offering DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS, they provide users with peace of mind and confidence in their online activities.

Why Choose Alternate DNS?

Alternate DNS stands out from the crowd with its focus on ad-blocking and secure browsing. Here are some key reasons to consider choosing Alternate DNS:

  • Efficient ad-blocking capabilities for a cleaner browsing experience
  • Supports DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS for enhanced security
  • A secure and reliable DNS service that prioritizes user privacy
  • Easy to configure and integrate into your existing network
  • Provides peace of mind with a ad-free, secure browsing experience

Don’t let intrusive ads hinder your online experience. Choose Alternate DNS for a secure and ad-free browsing journey.

AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS is a reliable DNS provider that offers superior ad-blocking capabilities and advanced privacy protection. With AdGuard DNS, users can enjoy an uninterrupted and ad-free browsing experience while ensuring their online privacy and security.


AdGuard DNS has built-in ad-blocking technology that effectively blocks ads, pop-ups, and banner ads from loading on webpages. By blocking intrusive advertisements, AdGuard DNS provides a clean and clutter-free browsing environment.

Privacy Protection

AdGuard DNS prioritizes user privacy and protects against online tracking and data collection. It blocks tracking cookies and prevents websites from gathering personal information without consent. With AdGuard DNS, users can browse the web with confidence, knowing their data is secure.

AdGuard DNS supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) protocols, ensuring encrypted communication between the user’s device and the DNS server. This added layer of security prevents DNS hijacking and eavesdropping, further safeguarding user privacy.

Features Benefits
Ad-blocking Enhanced browsing experience without intrusive ads
Privacy protection Prevents online tracking and data collection
DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) Secure, encrypted communication for added privacy


With AdGuard DNS, users can bid farewell to annoying ads and enjoy a faster, more private browsing experience. Say goodbye to intrusive pop-ups and hello to a cleaner internet.

AdGuard DNS is a powerful DNS solution that offers not only exceptional ad-blocking capabilities but also robust privacy protection features. By leveraging DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) protocols, AdGuard DNS ensures the utmost privacy and security for its users. Experience an ad-free and secure browsing experience with AdGuard DNS today.

Control D

Control D Image

Control D is a leading DNS provider that prioritizes user privacy and protects against malware threats. With a range of advanced features, Control D ensures a secure and private browsing experience for its users.

Protecting User Privacy

Control D understands the importance of user privacy in the digital age. By utilizing DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), Control D encrypts DNS queries, preventing potential eavesdropping and unauthorized access to user data. This encryption ensures that users can browse the internet with confidence, knowing that their activities remain private and secure.

Efficient Malware Blocking

Malware can pose significant risks to online security and personal data. Control D implements robust malware blocking techniques to safeguard users from accessing malicious websites and downloading harmful content. By proactively identifying and blocking malware threats, Control D provides an additional layer of protection for its users against cyber attacks.

Control D goes the extra mile to protect user privacy and provide a safe browsing experience. With features like DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS, users can enjoy encrypted communication and enhanced security, knowing that their data is safe from prying eyes.”

Customizable DNS Settings

Control D believes in empowering its users with flexibility and control over their DNS settings. Through a user-friendly interface, users can customize their DNS preferences according to their specific needs. Whether it’s content filtering or fine-tuning DNS resolutions, Control D enables users to personalize their browsing experience.

Key Features Control D
User Privacy
Malware Blocking
Customizable DNS Settings

With Control D, users can enjoy the benefits of superior user privacy, effective malware blocking, and customizable DNS settings. By leveraging DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS, Control D ensures secure and encrypted communication for a truly private browsing experience.


Verisign DNS

Verisign is a trusted DNS provider that prioritizes reliability, stability, and security. With its high-performance DNS service, Verisign ensures consistent and secure DNS resolution for users. The company’s commitment to stability and security makes it a reliable choice for those seeking optimal DNS performance.

Verisign’s emphasis on reliability means that users can rely on uninterrupted DNS service, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth browsing experience. By operating a robust and secure DNS infrastructure, Verisign protects users from potential threats and ensures the privacy and integrity of their online activities.

Verisign’s dedication to providing a secure DNS service contributes to a safer internet environment. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, having a DNS provider focused on security is crucial. Verisign’s vigilant approach helps safeguard users from malware, phishing attempts, and other malicious activities.

Choose Verisign for a DNS provider that prioritizes reliability, stability, and security. Benefit from its high-performance DNS service and enjoy a secure and uninterrupted browsing experience.

Why Choose Verisign?

Verisign stands out among DNS providers for its:

  • Reliability: Verisign ensures consistent DNS resolution, minimizing downtime and interruptions.
  • Stability: With a focus on stability, Verisign provides a reliable DNS service for optimal performance.
  • Security: Verisign’s robust security measures protect users from cyber threats, ensuring a safe browsing experience.
Features Verisign
Reliability High
Stability High
Security Strong

With Verisign, you can trust that your DNS needs are in capable hands. Experience the reliability, stability, and security that Verisign brings to the table and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

In 2024, optimizing your online gaming experience involves selecting the best free DNS servers to enhance speed and reliability. With the network of servers strategically located, choosing the right DNS server becomes crucial for gamers. NordVPN’s public DNS servers, along with Cloudflare and Google’s public DNS, stand out as some of the fastest and most reliable options. By exploring the best free public DNS services, such as Quad9 and Google Public DNS, gamers can reduce latency and minimize the impact of DNS spoofing and DDoS attacks.

Understanding how DNS affects gaming is essential, as it can significantly influence the speed and stability of game servers. By supporting DNS over HTTPS and providing fast and free DNS customization, services like Comodo Secure DNS enable players to optimize their gaming experience. Whether it’s selecting primary and secondary servers or changing DNS settings, gamers can improve their online gaming experience by utilizing fast and reliable DNS servers provided by their chosen DNS service.

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In conclusion, selecting the right DNS provider is essential for optimizing your online experience. There are several top DNS providers that offer fast, secure, and reliable DNS solutions. Cloudflare, Google Public DNS, and Quad9 are among the top DNS providers providing fast and secure DNS services. When it comes to content filtering and ad-blocking capabilities, DNS providers like CleanBrowsing and Alternate DNS are excellent choices. Verisign stands out for its focus on reliability and security.

By choosing the best DNS provider for your needs, you can enhance your browsing experience and ensure a secure and reliable internet connection. DNS management and configuration should not be overlooked – these providers offer customizable DNS settings to meet your specific requirements. DNS optimization plays a crucial role in improving DNS performance, and fast DNS servers contribute to a seamless online experience. Prioritizing secure DNS solutions is also essential to protect your privacy and safeguard against cyber threats.

Take the time to research and consider features and characteristics provided by various DNS providers. By finding a DNS provider that aligns with your needs and preferences, you can enjoy a fast, secure, and reliable internet experience.


Q: What is a DNS server?

A: A DNS server, or Domain Name System server, is a computer server that contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, and in many cases, serves to resolve those hostnames to IP addresses.

Q: How do I choose the best DNS server for gaming?

A: When selecting the best DNS server for gaming, consider factors such as latency, reliability, and security. Some of the popular options for gaming in 2024 include Cloudflare DNS, Google DNS, and NordVPN’s private DNS servers.

Q: Can changing DNS servers affect gaming performance?

A: Yes, changing DNS servers can potentially improve gaming performance by reducing latency, providing faster response times, and enhancing the overall network connection quality.

Q: What are some of the best free DNS servers to use?

A: Some of the best free DNS servers include Cloudflare DNS, Google DNS, and NordVPN’s private DNS servers, all of which offer reliable performance and security features.

Q: How can I change my DNS server?

A: You can change your DNS server by accessing the network settings on your device and entering the IP addresses of the preferred DNS servers, or by utilizing the settings provided by your internet service provider.

Q: What are the fastest DNS servers to use?

A: Some of the fastest DNS servers currently available include Cloudflare DNS, Google DNS, and various public DNS servers provided by internet service providers.

Q: Do DNS servers have an impact on gaming performance in 2024?

A: Yes, DNS servers can have a significant impact on gaming performance in 2024 by influencing factors such as latency, connection stability, and overall network speed.

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